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Referring Family or Friends

We understand that this process can be overwhelming, so if you need help or guidance, simply call our team on 01603 788114. 


At Headway Norfolk and Waveney, we understand just how difficult caring for someone with a brain injury is, whether you’re a spouse, partner, parent, sibling, other family member or close friend.

Often it can feel like the person you knew has changed completely and you’re suddenly faced with new emotions and behaviours.

We also know that it often falls to the families and friends of the brain injury survivor to help the individual get the support they need in the first place and help them make decisions about their ongoing care.

Brain injury affects people in different ways. Your loved one might be impacted physically and unable to walk or speak. They might have trouble controlling their emotions. It’s incredibly hard to know what do next and that’s where we come in.

Our aim is to improve day-to-day life for every individual we work with. To improve their confidence and independence, empower them to access community assets, to socialise, and support them in living well after brain injury.

If feel your loved one would benefit from brain injury support or stroke support and they live in Cambridge and Peterborough, you can refer them to us following the steps below:

Follow the steps below to refer your family or friend to Headway Cambridge and Peterborough.

If you need help, call our team on 01223 576550.


If you know someone who needs brain injury support or stroke support, who lives in Cambridge or Peterborough, you can them to us to see how we can best help them, by following the steps below.

A Step by Step Guide

  1. Download and complete our referrals form (above).

  2. Either send us your completed referrals form via email to or send it back to us via post to: Headway Cambridge and Peterborough, 4 Woolgate Court, St Benedicts Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4Ap

  3. You/your family member or friend, will be sent relevant information about our service over email or by post.

  4. A member of our team will be in touch. Here, you can discuss in detail how we might be able to help and what types of sessions will be of benefit.

  5. You will be invited to a visit at the centre you’re interested in attending or if you’re looking for outreach, a face-to-face visit in your home or one of our centres will be organised.

  6. Our team will carry out an assessment, and if you’re looking to apply for Social Services funding, we will make this referral on the referee’s behalf.

  7. We await the Social Services assessment and results. If funding is granted, then your family member will start accessing our service.


*As some of our services are chargeable services, you will have the option to self- fund yourself if you are ineligible for social services funding.

Need help? Send a message or call us on 01223 576550.

Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch shortly.

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