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One-to-One Outeach

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Welcome to Headway Cambridge and Peterborough's One-to-one Outreach Service, a dedicated service tailored to those impacted by brain injury. We recognise that the journey to recovery often involves personalised support within the community, and our compassionate team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Through a thoughtful and thorough initial assessment, our experienced staff collaborates closely with individuals to identify their unique goals and aspirations. With this foundation in place, we embark on a one-on-one journey, providing unwavering assistance to re-learn essential skills and foster increased independence. Whether it's rediscovering the confidence to navigate your local community, mastering public transportation, honing meal planning and budgeting, addressing cognitive challenges, or building the self-assurance to eventually transition into our group services, our approach is rooted in empowerment and tailored growth. 

Join us as we navigate the path to renewed capabilities and a brighter future, together.

Referrals can be made either directly by you or by somebody else on your behalf.

All referrals are carefully reviewed and assessed by our Team in the first instance. 

Too much information?

Call us on 01223 576550 or email to speak with one of our experienced members of staff, who will help guide you through the process of referring yourself or request more information below.

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